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Project Description
SPARK contains classes and function modules useful to SharePoint developers who wish to streamline development of tasks common in SharePoint projects. It is written in C#, and intended as a toolbox and reference DLL for use in SharePoint Features/Solutions.

Q. What does Behemoth Have? What does it do?
A. Behemoth takes after its name. It's a big monster made of SharePoint code that's been very useful over two years worth of SharePoint projects. It grows everyday as we extend existing libraries and add new tools and reusable modules. Here are some examples of what's in Behemoth.

Web Parts:
  • Flex KPI Data: example of customized KPI Web Part
  • Flex Search Core Results: several techniques for doing SQL syntax when inheriting the SearchCoreResults
  • Flex Data Form: derived class of Data Form Web Part that allows users to configure it to a List Name instead of a GUID and can be added from the WebUI
  • Flex Query String Filter: just like the Query String filter web part, but allows more complicated string parsing like you need to parse keyword query syntax.
  • Http Diagnostics: Shows HTTP headers and other variable collections for debugging purposes
  • Yammer Web Parts: Web parts to display Yammer conversations inside SharePoint pages.
  • Error display and other utilities for making web parts look consistent and nice

Custom Fields:
  • FlexLookupField: works like a lookup field but can draw data from an amazing vartiety of sources
  • LoggedCommentField: allows for versionless comment fields in lists.
  • Create custom field properties (that actually work) using the workaround first described in my blog (
  • Work around limitations of CAML and custom properties using reflection
  • Manage multi-column fields easily using library code
  • Storing complex data structures in fields using XML and Base 64 encoding

  • Set all the materpages on sub-sites within a site collection, deleting old versions as the new feature is activated
  • Repair bizarre property and schema inconsistencies in the ONET.xml that break site template receiver code
  • A basic framework for making extendable feature receivers

Other Nifty Stuff:
  • ULS Logging with built in debug/trace capabilities
  • Generation user presence scripts using advanced techniques that will work even inside CAML and places where SharePoint * strips javascript from rich text fields
  • Create new proeprties in the MOSS user profile
  • Lots of low level utility code

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